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Saicos Duo Top Hardwax Oil

Saicos Duo Top Hardwax Oil

Natural oil based - easy to apply

Field of Application: 
For all kinds of wooden floors (solid wooden floors, parquet, multiply and veneered floors) and surfaces in interior areas.
Furthermore usable for hardwood, exotic and thermo treated wood. If having any doubts please make a test coating on original sample.

 Bare wood surface must be dry and clean (max. humidity 12 %). Any lacquer or paint remains need to be sanded off completely. Sand the surface thoroughly. Final sanding should be done with a cross grinding pad or sanding paper min. grain 120 – also in edge areas. Remove sanding dust with dry cloth or vacuum cleaner.Coverage: capacity per litre
approx. 50 m2 1 coat applied by spatulaApplication:
1st coat = apply evenly and thinly with spatula.Drying time: 8-10 hours (depending on temperature and air humidity). Smooth the surface after drying with one- or multi-disc rotary machine (green pad)

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