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We install new and renew old wood flooring!

Tomas Floor team is glad to offer you high quality wood flooring installation, sanding and finishing services. Please find more information on our services below.

  1. We employ only professional wood floor fitters and sanders, mainly trained by us and committed to offer the best quality workmanship to You.
  2. We promise to give You the best possible service and the least inconvenience whilst the floor is being laid. We are committed in coming to do the job when we said we would and finishing in reasonable time as  well.
  3. We offer the undercut of the skirting boards service whereby your skirting does not have to be removed. It can be undercut using special tools to accommodate the new floor level and new boards easily slide underneath them.
  4. Our professional wood flooring installers and floor sanders  will do their best to give you a peace of mind throughout the time taken to lay or restore your floor.

Tomas Floor Installation

Improve The Beauty Of Your Home By Installing A New Wood Flooring!

Hardwood flooring is an investment that will last for a long time with the proper installation and care. There are different modes of installation for engineered, solid, semi-solid wood planks and parquet. Our professional wood flooring fitters have seen many situations and are proficient in the following three different types of installation for hardwood flooring.

Nail Down/Staple Installation

In this method we nail down or staple solid or engineered wood strips to the subflooring (usually either plywood or plank wood). We use the advanced secret nailing tools for installation so we could achieve the best finished wood flooring look. A few strips are placed down and arranged prior to fastening to ensure proper placement and tautness.

Nail down floor installation price starts from just £22.00 + VAT per sq. metre.

Glue Down Installation

In this method we glue down solid, engineered wood floor or parquet directly to the subfloor. In these cases the subfloor is usually concrete, so we pay extra attention to moisture. If it’s a ground floor and concrete base floor we highly recommend damp proof membrane to be applied prior to wood floor installation. For gluing down the floor mainly we use fully flexible glue which is very efficient with solid wood floor as it lets the floor to move a little without causing the glue to crack. Glue down installations can be walked on the next day and furniture can also be moved in.

Glue down floor installation price starts from just £24.00 + VAT per sq. metre.

Floating Installation

In this method we glue together the tongue and groove of every plank and the floor floats over a foam cushioned padding. If the flooring has a locking system we can lock the pieces together without glue. This can be used with either laminate or engineered wood floor, but either way the flooring is pre-finished. Not all engineered surfaces can be floated. Floating installation can also be placed over subflooring of questionable quality unlike the other two modes. Also, floating floors are a great option if you have multiple layers of flooring and do not want to remove them all.

Floating floor installation price starts from just £20.00 + VAT per sq. metre.

Recover The Beauty And Youth Of Your Old Wood Flooring!

Floor sanding is the process of removing the top surfaces of a wooden floor by sanding with abrasive materials. A variety of floor materials can be sanded, including timber, cork, particleboard, and most of the parquet wood floor. However old flooring could be also sanded after the previous coverings are removed and suitable wood is found hidden beneath. Floor sanding usually involves three stages: Preparation, sanding, and coating with a protective sealant.

Cherry floor sanding

Refinishing and sanding your hardwood floor is necessary to preserve their quality and beauty. Any refinishing is done solely to enhance the woods natural color and protect it from the elements. The best time to sand and refinish your hardwood floor is when you move into a new house or apartment as all of the furniture, rugs, etc. need to be removed from the area during the process. Proper sanding and refinishing will make your wood floor last for many years. However, high traffic rooms will need to be done more often.